Our mission: to reach, disciple and train people in and through the world of sport, recreation, fitness, and wellness.

Our vision: to create and host a dynamic, vibrant and global network of ministries and training programs devoted to advancing God’s Purposes on the earth including unreached people groups, end bible poverty now, local community impact and the least among us – in and through the use of sport and fitness.

Action Teams:  express the variety of ways we work together to accomplish this mission.  These teams are made up of participants living all over the world and connect via regular online gatherings.  The goal is to advance God’s purposes on earth in and through sport, fitness, and wellness. There is room for you to become an active participant.  


Academies, Coaching and Competitive Athletes/Teams

For those who want to use their gifts and passions as players, coaches, referees, health professionals, etc. to be the salt and light of Christ in the competitive sports world. We have a heart to share the love of Jesus and disciple competitive to high profile athletes. We will help them to discover and grow in faith by establishing their identity in God, glorifying Him through their sport, and using their platform as an opportunity to share their faith in Jesus.


Action & Extreme Sports

Our heart is to connect the wider body of Christ involved in Extreme/Action Sports. We want to see these extreme athletes sharing the Gospel and partnering with other ministries. We will connect these athletes with ministries already doing these sports and stay connected to the YWAM network.

Fitness & Wellness

YWAM Sports & Fitness exists to promote holistic health and well-being for individuals and communities.  We believe a well person is fit in their mind body and spirit. We aim to be a resource for YWAM bases and staff, schools, ministries, and outreach teams so they will be equipped to work with God to do what He has called them to do.  We also desire to engage with the unreached and equip the church in areas of fitness, nutrition, sport and wellness.

Global Sports Events

Global Sports Events (GSE) team creates partnerships within the community and with the sports event organizers during major sports events in order to reach out with the Gospel and make disciples for Christ. The GSE team will help in providing training and organizing many different strategies around a sports event. There will be opportunities for collaboration and building connections in the community of that host nation to continue working together after the sports event has finished.

Community Centers & Development

The Community Development and Centers team is working to create a model and means for multiplication of Community centers. Our heart is to see “church” happen in the place where people do their everyday life – at the gym, the pool, etc. The goal is that from these communities, relationships grow deeper, and we see people come to faith!

Training with the University of the Nations (UofN)

The UofN Training team develops courses to be run consistently for the current AA in Sports Ministry and recruits leaders for the courses. Future plans are to create a BA degree in Sports.

We also recruit and encourage people within YWAM, who are already doing sports to join the Sports Network.


Communications & Media

The communications team connects sports people together in YWAM. Through a website, newsletters and the YWAM Sports International Facebook page, we promote sports and fitness in YWAM, the Sports Ministry degree and other sports courses with the University of the Nations and announce the YWAM Sports & Fitness Network gatherings.


Prayer Team

The prayer team is committed to praying every week for the group of sports at large and whatever prayer requests, personal or ministry, anyone may have. We believe prayer is the key to making sure that we are moving along with God’s purposes, not just moving along with our plans. We pray individually at the same time weekly from 10:30 to 11:00 pm EST on Thursday nights. We invite others to join us and will send out prayer requests to prayer partners.


Hope Sports

Our Partners

Contact us to learn more and become an active contributor.  If you read something you like or want to be a part of this active network, simply contact us.  There is room for you on the team.