Training In Sports, Fitness & Wellness Ministry




The College of Arts & Sports offers several sports seminars to help you to be equipped to use sports for God’s Kingdom. These seminars range in topics including coaching, nutrition, fitness, using sport to effectively share the gospel in your community or cross-culturally.  Visit the U of N website to learn more about our schools, seminars and degrees.

Topics in courses within a degree in the College of Arts & Sports include: 

  • Biblical approach to sport ministry
  • Sports ministry methods and models
  • Evangelism and discipleship through sports
  • Developing a ministry or project plan
  • Organizing sports events and local or international outreaches
  • Leadership, unity, working as a team
  • Techniques and strategies of various sports, coaching principles
  • Fitness, health and nutrition
  • Coaching
  • Sports and fitness in the community center setting

This training is available all over the world.  Contact us or click here for more information. 




Sports & Fitness Schools

YWAM Dunham Sports DTS

YWAM Dunham Sports DTS

Sports DTS You’ll be exposed to and will be able to participate in a variety of sports, including team and solo disciplines. We use sports for physical exercise and for team building, but also to learn more about ourselves, God and the world we live in. The school...

YWAM Orlando Sports Ministry School

YWAM Orlando Sports Ministry School

Join The Team Sport is an international language, it is a relationship builder, it is active and fun, speaks to all ages, is a teacher of life, is loved all over the world. All of this makes it a huge opportunity to impact the world for Jesus Christ! The Sports...

YWAM Orlando